Sunday, February 09, 2014

EZ Pass commercials portsmouth tunnel toll

People are either going to love or hate the recent EZ-Pass commercials featuring a woman blowing up a raft and traversing the waters of the Elizabeth River instead of paying the new toll. Well... I hate it.

I have been in the creative business of advertising for broadcast, radio, print and Web for over 2 decades, and I have learned the one true 'universal constant' in advertising is 'Subjectivity'. But I would bet the farm that commuters who are 'subject' to the new tunnel tolls find the commercial tasteless and offensive.

This ad campaign feels rushed and not well thought-out. There are also other versions of this horrible campaign that suggest other idiot travel comparisons for getting across the river.

I do not have to commute to Portsmouth very often, so paying a toll is no big deal. But I detest a bad creative concept on a visceral level. Especially one that pokes fun at people forced to spend money.

This campaign is trying to use creative humor to encourage people to sign-up for EZ-Pass. But there is nothing funny about having to spend any amount of money in a tough economic climate. Shame on EZ-Pass and shame on the advertising agency that conceived this thoughtless campaign. 

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. This is another short-sighted ad campaign that works from the premise that people are stupid and can be manipulated by anything. The fact is, people are smart and can be convinced to change their opinion if you have a good argument.