Saturday, June 22, 2013

IE10, Internet Explorer 10 is a Piece of Garbage

Internet Explorer is so full of bugs and glitches that web developers are charging extra fees for insuring that a website or database will work correctly.

Just the other day we had 5 clients contact us with a variety of IE 10 problems; links that stopped working, thumbnails that disappeared, forms that would not open, data that would not display and the list goes on and on.

Microsoft is Just Plain Lazy
Microsoft has a bad habit of releasing their problems and then let the public sort out the problems. I did a search over Google "Problems with IE 10" and found over 2,500,000 million references.

Do yourself a favor and uninstall IE 10. Or better yet, just don't use it and download Chrome and Fire Fox as a back-up browser.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Problems with IE10, Internet Explorer 10 causing problems

Internet Explorer 10 and every version of Internet Explorer since IE 7.0 is a piece of bloatware garbage.

I started writing about all the problems surrounding IE when Microsoft released IE 7.0 (See: ). And the hits just keep on coming from Microsoft  headquarters at Redmond Washington.

Below are some excerpts from Windows users after installing Internet Explorer 10 on their Windows 7 machines.

1) We have many SQL .Net database driven websites for online event registrations. ( .Net is a Windows based framework) However these websites work great in Chrome and FireFox but fail to work in IE 10. Go figure.
2) “Installed IE 10 yesterday, if I leave the computer on now and not use it for 2-3 hours Windows 7 does not respond anymore, it won't even shut down.”
3) “After the installation, I can't change the proxy settings anymore. More precisely, I *can* change them and conform the changes. Except the changes I made don't apply.”
4) “IE 10 is a hot mess on Windows 7. On some websites... can't get buttons to work and the cursor disappears.”
5) “In my opinion, IE 10 is Microsoft trash that they washed their hands of, and set out for us to rummage through.”

Uninstall IE 10

Click on the “Start” button (because you do have one unlike Windows 8 users!) and type “Programs and Features” in the search box. Click on the “View installed updates” in the left pane of the menu.

Go over to the “Uninstall an update” screen and scroll down to the “Microsoft Windows” section. Simply select Internet Explorer 10 and click “Uninstall.”

It usually takes a while until the process comes to an end, so you’re strongly recommended to avoid stopping or cancelling it. A reboot is necessary to complete the removal and restore IE9.

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