Friday, July 01, 2011

How Google Could Ultimately Squash Facebook

How Google Could Ultimately Squash Facebook

Google needs to provide social users in all demographics an untapped wealth of information that is literally right under their feet!
Here's how.

1) Leverage Google Street View assets by shooting memorial parks; head stone, crypts, markers and so on. ( Many parks have client software so this could be used as well for data integration.

2) Leverage Google Goggles to read the text on same and auto tag.

3) Make this new app. searchable; any ONLY accessible over Google Plus.

4) Let people tag these images as well.

5) Give is a cool name like 'Google Generations'.

6) Let people use this to make connections like ( but better ).

7) Now Google can have ( Google Ancestor Circles ). Users can use this feature to do some quasi - genealogy.

8) On an off-note or more playful use... maybe allow users to create a virtual head stone with their name and epitaph over top any image they want (Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Route 66...) Maybe even create a message linked to this that does not reveal itself until a future date set by the user; e.g.-

Dear Google, If you do decide to use MY idea... please dont' be evil. 
Call me stupid, but this could be a real-deal Facebook killer.
Rick Vidallon ~ posted July 1, 2011 ~ Concept also shared with Harsha Patil June 2009.