Sunday, October 04, 2015

More Brainless TV Commercials from Fortune 1000 Companies

More Brainless TV Commercials from Fortune 1000 INSURANCE Companies

Why do name brand companies insist on using visual trickery, audio ambiguity, and sleight of hand to peddle their wares?

1) Nationwide claims no long wait times. (they will take care of you)

2) State Farm claims they will magically appear.

3) GEICO claims they will save you money.

4) Progressive claims they will compare pricing and give lower costs for bundles.

5) Liberty claims great car replacement coverage.

6) Farmers claims no hidden coverage costs and adequate coverage for extraordinary accidents.

Well  here is the thing. In a world filled with pink flowers, Zebras and Unicorns YOU WOULD NEED AN INSURER THAT CAN DO ALL THE ABOVE.

But that's not going to happen. The point is... Most insurance companies are great at 'one thing' - taking your monthly payment.

Maybe if these idiots take all the marketing money and invest those dollars back into their companies they wouldn't have to beg or lie for our business.