Sunday, October 04, 2009

Why Use Timekapsule?

The idea for Timekapsule came to one evening as I was watching the closing scene from the Gangs of NY. It showed a time lapse scene of 18th century grave stones being over taken by weeds and wearing away with as the NY skyline rose in the background to present day.

I asked myself, when I finally 'buy the farm' and 50, 60 , 70 years have passed it would be nice for my kin-folks and friends to know something more personal about me.

What music did I like?
What were my hobbies?
My favorite food, favorite books and movies?
Did I own any pets, or did I even like animals?

Let’s face it, not many of us are going to get around to writing an auto-biography. It’s all these little things that make us truly unique. It’s not our jobs, or accomplishments or the money we make that defines us.

Maybe my grand-kids will be able to find my Timekapsule and finally figure out why they possess a special talent for music or art. ( And hopefully after reading my Timekapsule they will figure out it that the talent might have came from me!)

Timekapsule is your final shout out. It’s Facebook for the dead.

Here’s how it works.
You sign-up and create a profile.
Timekapsule is completely secure.

Once you signup you can create as many Timekapsules as you want.

You can create a locked Timekapsule that sends email to any one you want letting them know you have created a Timekapsule, but it’s not mandatory.

It you create an alert, a notification will be sent to these people (and only these people) letting them know your Timekapsule has opened.

You can also create a FREE open Timekapsule that is open for anyone to see who is also a Timekapsule member.

So there you have. With Timekapsule, you create it, lock it and leave it.

in reference to: TIMEKAPSULE | extending one moment in time (view on Google Sidewiki)

Matt Cutts How to Video

Matt Cutts the Google Guy, who I call the 'man behind the curtain' at the gates Google posts informative videos for everything web! You can find Matt's videos on You Tube, Google Video and many other places.

in reference to: Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO (view on Google Sidewiki)

The Good, the Bad and the Rude

Social interaction is a wonderful thing, but there are too many people who forget how to be polite.

Maybe Google can create an API to detect rude, nasty and inflammatory speech that will serve-up a quick warning before the user clicks 'submit'.

in reference to: Google (view on Google Sidewiki)