Friday, July 29, 2005

Web Page Content is king

Web Page Content is King

Content is the information that the search engine spiders like to refernce in order to return relevant and useful information to the users of it's respective search engine. The items below are just the side items. You need good content to get increased rankings in order to compete in your market.

Write about your keyphrases. Read more more about optimization.
Write extra pages.
Write about your industry.
Write about your product or service's uses.
How will your product/service improve the life of the consumer? Find out, and then write about it.
Why is your product/service better than your competitor's? Think of a reason and write about it.
What is the history of your product/service? Or your industry? Write about it.
Who are you? Everyone always enjoys "about us or profile" pages...
And of course, be sure to serve the search engine spiders information full of keyphrases!
Whatever you do, be sure that you don't write junk or filler copy. Keep in mind that writing about your keyphrase doesn't mean adding the keyphrase unnaturally into the text. If you have any doubts, employ the talents of an SEO or copywriting expert to help tailor your copy.

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