Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dear ORKIN. I know what a roach looks like, thank you very much

Dear Idiots at Orkin Pest Control,

Lots of folk's enjoy a snack when they watch TV, so why do you insist of showing us a bug sandwich?

There is a scene in a recent Orkin commercial where a pest control tech says; 'We know where bugs hide... what their favorite foods are (books, card board, clothes and so on). Then the guy peels back some card board to reveal, what looks like a large sheet of candied brown dots (with legs).

After having been totally grossed out by this commercial, I have memorized the intro, so I can quickly flip the channel before I am served a visual 'bug smorgasbord.

Every man, woman and child knows what a roach looks like. DUH.
Find a new ad agency that has at least one creative brain-cell.