Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back Linking on Off Topic Blogs does not help your Website Ranking

Back Linking on Off Topic Blogs does not help your Website Ranking.

It will not help your marketing.
It will not help your sales.
It will not help you get clicks.
It will not help your positioning.

It will not help your SEO.

So stop wasting your valuable time.
I have been looking through my comments and finding off-topic and faux on-topic comments. And in most cases they end with a text link such as Tennis Shoes, Cheap Vacations, Viagra and so on and so on. Dropping text and links in this way is laughable. It is bad business. While I have left my commenting open and believe in free speech... it is frustrating to see some much spamming.

If you were to drop 100,000 links in so many websites, blogs and directories using this method it makes more sense to approach a webmaster or business owner with open honesty and ask for a link on a resource page.

Follow this equation:
One good 'on topic', 'relevant link' on a 'relevant website' will mean more to your SEO marketing efforts than having 100, 000 off-topic spammy links. ( like the ones you will find in some of my comment sections ).


Jennifer said...

Thank you for your article! I'm new to all of this (just completed an seo training), so I truly appreciate the guidance.

Ricardo Vidallon said...

Well Jennifer.. I decided to allow your comment since you were at least smart enough to link your name and not an SEO search term. So bravo and 2 stars on your lunch box.

Cheers, Rick