Saturday, September 01, 2012

Why the NBC Network Ratings are Heading South

The Liberal bias exhibited on MSNBC and the constant mention of Face Book is dragging the NBC Network like a  sea anchor. Though I love the talent seen on many MSNBC programs, NBC executives fail to realize that American viewers are essentially a fair minded lot.

They know the difference between bull and bullshit. And this is why NBC is loosing market share. American's can easily tolerate a little bull, but no one is going to tolerate bullshit; especially liberal bullshit. 

So here are 2 important points.
First, MSNBC has tied their most profitable, revenue generating vehicle 'BROADCAST NEWS' to a cart of fire-brand liberal commentators. 

Secondly and least important, MSNBC is heavily invested in another financial sea anchor called Face book.
$18.00 a share as of Sept. 1, 2012.

May I suggest that it would be best for NBC executives to unhitch the cart and cut the sea anchor loose?

No bullshit.

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