Friday, August 24, 2012

Tone Death Music Producers in Advertising

Nothing chafs my ass more than a broadcast commercial that airs with a music bed and then ends with a music tag (a.k.a - music sting) that is in completely different key. I am a musician, so this really bugs me in a big way.

To illustrate this... think of the Taco Bell 'bong'. The bong is actually a harmonic sound containing multiple tones; but at least one primary tone key such as (C), but has some faint under pins of F or G. But the advertising agency idiots who shoot, edit and produce the commercials will produce a music bed and a completely opposing diatonic key such as F#.

These folks need a good ear cleaning.

Another company using a similar horrible tonal miss match is Nissan. At the end of every Nissan commercial there is an animation of the Nissan logo with a music sting.

These advertising folks also need a good ear cleaning.

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