Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cemetery Software, Cemetary Software

Visionefx announces the launch and website redesign for Cemetery Software company Legacy Mark.

LEGACY MARK | Cemetery Software, Cemetery Management Software

Cemetery software, cemetery mapping, cemetary record management software. Line of cemetary management software modules for cemeterys + cemetery mapping.

About Legacy Mark

Legacy Mark proudly offers cemetery office solutions and expert services
for every cemetery.
Legacy Mark has been dedicated to serving the cemetery industry since 1987 by proudly offering a complete line of software products and services that help cemeteries of all sizes. The ever-increasing demands on the resources of cemeteries make better cemetery office tools more than a simple convenience, but a necessity.

Legacy Mark software transitions your current office operation into an efficient and integrated system that automates your records, documents, maps and customer interaction. Everything from accessing records to viewing your maps to creating documents is made fast and easy. Our tools are easy to install, our support is second to none, our expertise is renowned, and our Rapid Deployment Plans get you up and running in no time.

Being one of the first companies to recognize and tackle the significant challenges facing cemeteries in the information age doesn't make us better, our dedication to our customers does. Our software solutions have withstood the test of time and lead the industry for cost-effective, user friendly tools for your cemetery office.

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