Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I have perform all sorts of SEO coding to my company web site www.visionefx.net but it wasn't till my good friend in CT., Kevin Sullivan of the Resourcelinks Directory www.resourcelinks.net pointed out to me what Google has been preaching all along.

Alright, alright don't get bent out of shape... Google isn't the great satan.
Anyways this SEO tip applies to the other 500lb. gorrilla search engines.

Follow these simple rules;
1) Simple targeted TITLE TAG
2) Simple targeted descriptive TAG
3) Small amount of keywords 10 to 15
4) Match HTML body copy to all the above
5) Use (ALT) TAGS sparingly.
6) Use a robots.txt file and keep it up to date
7) Update your primary pages every few days with new text or images.
8) Lastly - Do no evil.

Well, that's it. Uh - well maybe a little link submittal work to free directory sites,
View: www.visionefx.net/submit.htm
That's it - period. KEEP IT SIMPLE because simple (works best)!

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