Monday, January 31, 2005


I'm sure you've seen the televison ad. The executive smugly sits behind a desk yapping about how your time is their money, tuning week ends into work ends. The commercial ends with a URL , I want my vacation dot com (

So after seeing the spot 7 times I finally went to the site. -- Pretty cool game on home page called bash the boss. Ah-ha! click a little deeper. It's a vacation marketing site ala Universal.
Pretty neat concept. The site falls a bit short though. They should offer variations on the 'bash the boss game'. How 'bout Drown Your Boss, no no wait... how about 'Stick Pins in the Bosses Eyeballs'.

Anyways I got to give them 7 out of 10 stars for marketing orginality.

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Anonymous said...

Vacations are over-rated, man.

I ventured over to the site today and I spied an okay site. One part of the site in particuliar that I felt fond of was the 'Ideal Vacation' section. A flash movie adorning the top of the page incorporated vitals in it; a concept I myself would of never thought of in regards to the context of the page. Creative. Awarding it seven out of ten stars, however, is alittle over my budget for this site. I give it a five, with a polite smile. Now if I were viewing it from a 'marketing creativity' stand-point as you naturally do, I would also award it seven out of ten stars.

That's 'bout it. Guess at this point I should recommend a site myself, which would be: She is a great web publisher, with outrageous talent in flash. When I say outrageous, it pisses you off she's so good! Anyway, take a gander and offer some feedback. I know my eyes can't be that bad.


PS: How about 'Drop Your Boss Three Stories Off A Building' for a game idea. She could live or die, but she'd definitely be better off dead.